About Us

Medusa manufacture innovative and creative tiles, guaranteeing your projects stand out from the crowd. All while using sustainable and recycled materials. We understand how it feels to be limited with the choice of only ceramic, porcelain or marble tiles, all of which have a negative environmental impact. It was this lack of an environmentally friendly alternative that led Medusa to develop our range of 48 individually designed wall and floor tiles. The team at Medusa have a combined experience of over 100 years in the resin industry and collectively have won awards from Ferfa The Resin Surfacing Industry as well as local and national awards. 

About Medusa Tiles

Throughout history, we have used tiles. However, we believe that the mass production of replica products, porcelain imitating terrazzo or wood, vinyl imitating stone or marble, serves as an injustice to the beauty of the original product. We wanted to make products that stay true to their origins in an easy to use format – a tile.
Craftsmanship is a vital part of the Medusa DNA. But before our craftspeople can begin their work, there is a vital first step that makes a Medusa product unlike any other: the sourcing and selection of the materials. 
Our 5 product ranges consist of 48 individual tiles that don't exist anywhere else in the world - they are completely unique to us and our British invention.

About Medusa Titles UK

Medusa began with a straightforward philosophy: not to emulate but invent, in the relentless pursuit of both luxury and performance. Browse our website and find out what makes Medusa uniquely different.

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