Bespoke Collections

At Medusa, we believe our purpose is to respond to the requirements of the most discerning of individuals. Yet there are times when our artisans’ creativity is harnessed to produce extremely limited bespoke kitchen worktops, or we can work with you and your designer to create truly unique commissioned pieces.

Bespoke Tiles Collections
Bespoke Tiles Collection

This exclusivity has been created to showcase the countless capabilities of Medusa products – capabilities maximised when customers commission a bespoke worktop or completely unique product.

From calm and sophisticated to bold and daring your customisation journey will establish designs at the pinnacle of true exclusivity.

The result is a modern and dynamic British company creating exclusive and handmade products far-removed from the standard mass production. The collection is not only restricted to kitchen worktops, our commissioned pieces can include decoration accessories, lighting and furniture.

Whether it be a small design modification to a large-scale project, we aim to make the process as efficient and as straightforward as possible.

Talk to one of our expert consultants who will be able to help you create a bespoke item that’s truly one of a kind.

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