Our British invention

Born of a simple idea over a decade ago, to combine tried and tested resins with luxury products in an easy to use format. Achieving this from when we started three years ago, required a combination of visionary thinking and innovative technology – and a mindset that never takes ‘no’ for an answer. This dedication attracted like-minded people who helped to realise a common purpose – to achieve something extraordinary.

Designed and made in Britain

Design talent, innovative manufacturing processes and precise craftsmanship are at the heart of Medusa. With a solid reputation for expertise and skill, our luxury products are crafted at our specialist factory in Beverley, England, and known around the world for its genuine provenance and quality. We are incredibly proud of our products – turning tiles into works of art – perfectly imperfect.

Luxury and Performance

Medusa is driven by the idea that luxury and performance are complementary, not irreconcilable opposites. An irresistible combination. Our design ethos and language are not limited to just manufacturing a tile. We redefine luxury, demonstrating real craftsmanship and exploring innovative design, materials and processes with an eye on the future. Wherever our Medusa stamp emblem appears, it is an endorsement of style, functionality and true exclusivity.

Make a statement with Medusa

Medusa is renowned as more than simply a maker of luxury tiles in the UK. Our reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship, attention to detail and design flair is appreciated the world over.

Whether it’s a floor or wall tile, bespoke kitchen worktop, or a custom piece of furniture, we’ll work with you to create your vision, while staying true to our origins.