Limited edition – A rare find

At Medusa, we believe our purpose is to respond to the requirements of the most discerning of individuals. Yet there are times when our team of artisans’ creativity is harnessed to produce extremely limited production runs due to the rarity of material.

We created our Limited Editions to reflect carefully chosen and rare inspirational materials that all share the standard of Medusa craftsmanship, taking the concept of Medusa luxury and pushing it as near to perfection as possible.

10-year exclusivity – Just for you

Our 10-year exclusive design warranty products are rare by design. All have the potential to become instant classics, however we reserve them exclusively for the fortunate few.

This exclusivity has been created to showcase the countless capabilities of Medusa products – capabilities maximised when customers commission a completely unique product.

From calm and sophisticated to bold and daring your customisation journey will establish designs at the pinnacle of true exclusivity.