Combining Luxury with Art in the Form of a Tile

Change in the tiling sector was inevitable. We took all the simplistic characteristics of a tile - form and function and updated them.

Welcome to Medusa Resin Tiles, we aim to take you briefly through our invention, tell you a little bit more about us and why we felt things needed to change in the tiling industry.

So, it started when I researched tiles for my own house. Quite simply it felt as if I’d been looking at the same limited tiling options all my life. So, I had the idea to combine tried and tested resins (I’ve worked in the resin industry for over 30 years) with beautiful bespoke materials such as recycled “oyster shell” in an easy to use format – a tile.

resin tiles

My team and I have spent the last three years perfecting a range of products which are truly unique, luxurious and exclusive to us. We are incredibly proud of our British invention; all our products are handmade and over 75% of our tiles include recycled material. We now have a range of 48 luxury tiles across our Brighton Beach, Luminous, Pool Party, Notting Hill and Metalis tile collections.

wall tiles uk

Additionally, we produce limited edition products, bespoke kitchen worktops or any commissioned piece. We also have exclusive designs that come with a 10-year exclusive design guarantee ensuring your design stays completely unique to you.

Our product is installed like normal tiles, cut like normal tiles and finished like normal tiles; however, they definitely don’t look like normal tiles.

If you would like samples or any further information, please contact our Customer Services on or 01482 534909.